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Here's what our Members are saying about their Compass experience.

  • I love this! I'm learning. And it's beautiful and even peaceful.

  • I can identify with so much of this. Especially in how I'm often distracted when I'm trying to communicate with others.

  • Erin has created a community that feels like home. It's so personal.

Here’s what you can expect from us...

Every month, we’ll focus on ways to help you feel empowered, confident and ready for the challenging conversations that the world throws at us.

  • Classes

    We’ve taught 1000s of students over the past fifteen years. Compass Classes focus on the negotiation skills many overlook. Cultivating patience, calm and trusting your instincts.

  • Guides, Resources

    Each Compass Class will be supported by accompanying resources for you to download and use as often as you'd like. From goal setting, preparing for challenging conversations, and exercises to keep you grounded - we have you covered.

  • Group Coaching

    We meet twice every month online to check in, brainstorm and test out new negotiation techniques and strategies. Sessions are led by our founder and CEO, with special guests popping in from time to time.

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Here’s What People are Saying

  • Carine S., Founder

    Erin is so great - she gives wonderful strategies, which simplify negotiations!

  • Arbitral Women, International NGO

    This is an exciting and useful initiative that deserves promotion so many discover it. Thank you Erin.

  • Judy S., Founder

    Erin’s approach to negotiation in everyday life and work is spot on! Her tips for managing relationships and staying grounded and present during challenging conversations are sure to make them more productive and positive in any situation.


Founder & CEO, Take Charge Negotiations™, LLC

Erin Gleason Alvarez

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a Certified Mediator, negotiation consultant, and attorney. I believe negotiation is one of the most important skills for us to cultivate - whether to support career growth, run a functional business and/or household, or plainly get along with other humans. Negotiation is not some secret art form. That’s why I created Take Charge Negotiations, LLC. You don’t need to go to law school or read a thousand books to be a good negotiator. You have to want to do it and you have to practice. We’re here to support you on that path. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve trained thousands of people on how to approach negotiation as an opportunity, not an obstacle. I’m here to help you too.

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Becoming a Compass Member will provide you with new resources every week to help keep you grounded, find the positive, and make decisions from a place of confidence and calm.

Here’s What to Look Forward to in October...

Our focus will be positivity

  • Week 1: Our First Class

    Let’s start by talking about how to cultivate positivity, even if you don’t much feel like it. No rose colored glasses here. But studies show that positivity promotes stress reduction, focus, enhanced decision-making abilities and empathy for others – also key factors in successful negotiations.

  • Week 2: Group Coaching Call

    Now that you’ve had some time to mull things over, let’s meet up on Zoom to chat about our experiences, what’s worked and what has been challenging. All group coaching sessions are lead by our founder and CEO.

  • Week 2: Practice Exercises

    We’ll share some exercises for you to consider in approaching conversations, negotiations and decision making with positivity. We’ll also open up our Community page so we can start sharing experiences, challenges and advice together.

  • Week 4: Wrapping Up

    The month concludes with another group coaching session with our CEO, where we’ll talk about take aways from this month’s tasks and a preview of what to expect next month.

And Here’s What We’ll Look at in Future Months...

  • Active listening: staying focused on your conversations with other people - not the ones in your head

  • Visualization: the impact of seeing your success before it is fully realized:

  • Anchoring: ways to stay focused and calm when the pressure is on

  • Goal setting: our step-by-step approach to getting clear on what you really want

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