Compass - A Unique Membership Community

Classes, Resources, & Coaching to Support Your Journey Towards Mindfulness in Negotiations


It's easier - and more fun - to grow, experiment, and hone your negotiation skills in a community.

That is why we are here.

Very few people learn to negotiate with ease after reading a book. Or taking a class. It's a process. It takes time and a commitment to stepping outside your comfort zone.

Compass is your guidepost on our mindful negotiation journey.

Every month, we will focus on a different theme, each of which will help you approach the challenges that this world keeps throwing at us from a place of calm, focus, and confidence.

Here’s what you can expect from us...

Every month, we hone in on ways to help you feel empowered, confident, and ready for any challenge.

  • Classes

    We focus on the negotiation skills many overlook... integrating mindfulness, positivity, problem solving, and decision making. Each month, Erin hosts a live Compass Masterclass online, which is recorded for your convenience.

  • Community

    Monthly group coaching sessions are led by Erin, and members' opportunity to dive deeper into the theme of the month. We also feature guest lecturers, hypothetical/ practice exercises, and Q&A sessions. In addition, we moderate private Slack channels for members to share their ideas, advice, questions, and concerns with one another.

  • Office Hours

    Thirty minute individual coaching sessions are available to Members once per month. This is particularly helpful for discussing topics that are personal, or for specific ideas on how to handle an upcoming negotiation.

Compass Membership Events

Here's a glimpse of what we're up to in March... Our theme this month is negotiation + aspirations.

  • March 4 - Recorded Masterclass

  • March 11 - Workbooks Distributed

  • March 15 thru 25 - 10 Day Challenge

  • March 25 - Group Coaching

  • Every Friday - Office Hours

Here’s What People are Saying

  • Mandy G.

    Through Compass, Erin has helped me realize you shouldn’t just wing a negotiation. So far this platform has taught me that mindfulness and visualization can go a long way with negotiating and I am looking forward to learning even more strategies for success!

  • Carine S.

    Erin is so great - she gives wonderful strategies, which simplify negotiations!

  • Judy S.

    Erin’s approach to negotiation in everyday life and work is spot on! Her tips for managing relationships and staying grounded and present during challenging conversations are sure to make them more productive and positive in any situation.

  • Susan H.

    Before participating in Compass, I never realized the number of times a day I negotiate. Little things, big things all require some form of negotiation, even if it’s only with yourself. However it is when dealing with others that many of us, myself included, need some guidance. Erin has taught me to truly listen to opposite opinions instead of turning them off when I disagree. I’ve been able to apply this to my personal life and listening and trying to understand a different perspective has brought for a more peaceful environment when difficult issues present themselves - especially during lockdown. This really works for me.

Free eBook

Click here if you’d like a sampling of how to incorporate mindfulness in your approach to negotiation. From visualization to listening, releasing judgment and addressing power imbalances... This book is a resource for staying grounded and focused in any conversation.

Meet Erin

Founder & CEO, Take Charge Negotiations

Erin Gleason Alvarez

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a Certified Mediator, negotiation consultant, and attorney. I believe negotiation is one of the most important skills for us to cultivate - whether to support career growth, run a functional business and/or household, or plainly get along with other humans. Negotiation is not some secret art form. That’s why I created Take Charge Negotiations, LLC. You don’t need to go to law school or read a thousand books to be a good negotiator. You have to want to do it and you have to practice. We’re here to support you on that path. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve trained thousands of people on how to approach negotiation as an opportunity, not an obstacle. I’m here to help you too.

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  • How does it work?

    Every month we focus on a new negotiation tool - for example: listening skills, visualization, intentions vs. goals, and power dynamics. These themes are supported by a live Masterclass conducted online (and also recorded), workbooks and exercises, and our private Slack channel. Members also have the opportunity to participate in one group coaching session each month and one individual coaching session. We developed this community to provide you with knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration. For as long as you need it. Whether that's a month, or six months, or many years. Our goal is to facilitate an ongoing dialogue and learning experience for our Members. For as long as you need us.

  • Who is Compass for?

    We created Compass for people who want to hone their negotiation skills and who understand the value mindfulness brings to our lives. Whether those negotiations are with your loved ones, professional colleagues, or even in your own head (admit it)... we are here to support you.

  • Is Compass intended for women only?

    No. As it happens, most Members are women but our doors are open to anyone who would like to learn and grow with us.

  • Why should I pay for this?

    Compass saves you the expense of pricey negotiation classes, which can cost thousands of dollars each. Plus, you get to tailor this experience to your needs - through individual coaching sessions. That also saves the expense of retaining a personal coach, another five figure expense annually.

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